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Simplo Smart Power Bank 28000 Mwh (SP-012 Pro)

Simplo Smart Power Bank 28000 Mwh (SP-012 Pro)

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Simplo™ Smart Power Bank SP-012Pro 28000mWh Lightning and Micro USB & Dual USB Charger External Battery & 2.0A with Battery Level Indicator

Simple Smart Power Bank 28000mWh SP-012 Pro Always keep your device powered Power level indicator design, easy to know the remaining power Type-C + Micro USB high power input, quick charging Dual USB 2.1A, four-port output design, compatible with more devices

• Battery: Lithium polymer battery
• Battery energy: 28000mWh
• Type-C: 5V/1A Max.
• Micro USB: 5V/2.1A Max.
• Type-C: 5V/2.1A Max.
• USB1: 5V/2.1A Max.
• USB2: 5V/2.1A Max.
💡Compatible with:
• Mobile Phones, Tablets, Game console, etc. devices and more…
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